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Thread Info!

Post by SlasherXT on Tue Apr 01, 2014 10:58 am

This is important for people make a new thread!

There are color code options for the thread! You must follow this guide, otherwise you risk your topic being moved, or deleted!

DARK RED - Is for URGENT things!
RED - Is for URGENT things!
ORANGE - Is for IMPORTANT things!
GREEN - Is for GENERAL things!
CYAN - Is for RELEASE things! (No one should have to use this)
BLUE - Is for OFF-TOPIC things! (Will have a place for that later)
VIOLET - Is for BUG things!

You have been warned, if your topic doesn't match the color set for it, being that you set one, it will either be moved to the correct place or removed.

-If it is removed you will be warned!
-If it is moved, you'll get a message stating this!


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